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Extensive container screening with the GDA-2

The GDA-2 is an advanced measuring instrument that can be used to make a screening of the air in a container in a very short period of time (10 seconds). The GDA-2 consists of a number of different sensors (PID, EC, MOS and IMS). The combination of sensors is such that a very broad measuring range, i.e. a great number of different gases can be detected. This is why the GDA-2 is very suitable for VTM’s broad measuring strategy.

The instrument is used, among others, by German Customs to assess whether a container can be entered safely. The GDA-2 is a mobile measuring instrument that can be used to measure directly in the container; it gives a clear signal when the container is safe or when further inspection is required. Such an inspection can be performed by applying a complementary measuring technique or by evaluating the measurement by means of the GDA-2 software.

For the detection of formaldehyde, a problematic type of gas for all electronic measuring instruments, we use other measuring techniques.